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Small Groups

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Youth Excel is always a hub of activity and offers a range of strengths based small group programs which promote healthy relationships and life skills for young people.


These are just some of the small groups Youth Excel has recently offered:



This program is all about enhancing resilience and coping skills in young people. It encourages young people to identify strengths, articulate feelings and build awareness of unhealthy thinking habits.

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In a world where paedophiles and pornography can reach any young person, we can’t reinforce cyber safety enough. This program teaches young people to navigate inappropriate sexual content and stay safe online.



The transition from primary to high school can be a challenging one. This program provides evidence based strategies to help young people deal with change, and combat the stress typically associated with changes to environments, routine and friendship circles.

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Beating Bullies is designed to help young people develop the confidence and skills required to develop healthy friendships and tackle more complex relationships. This course will not only develop resilience, strength and self-esteem, but also specifically explore bullying concerns and fears with specific strategies.


We’d like to think of ourselves as “pivotal people” that will be remembered in 10 years’ time as being significant in bringing key change and direction.