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School Services

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Youth Excel is able to provide schools with a psychologist to deliver services onsite at your school. The best part is that the program is FREE to schools and parents. Costs associated with the onsite psychology program are covered by Youth Excel and Medicare.

Here’s how it works. Practitioners bulk bill psychological services for students who hold a current Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) or a Brisbane Mind referral. Mental Health Care Plans or Brisbane Mind referrals are available for students who have symptoms impacting their mental health. MHCPs and Student Registration Forms will provide all the details Youth Excel needs to process payments.

  • Is the admin simple? YES
  • Is it working in schools across Brisbane? YES
  • Do Youth Excel practitioners work in partnership with schools? YES

Youth Excel practitioners offer practical, evidence based solutions which can assist young people overcome a wide range of difficulties. We place a high priority on working collaboratively with parents, guardians and significant others, as well as student support teams and teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our practitioners can also offer the following services, not covered by Medicare:

  • Assessments 
  • Small Groups Programs 

We would love to support your school and get help to young people who may not otherwise access care.


“For many years Michelle has made a vital contribution to our Sexual Health Day at Grace Lutheran College. Our students have felt understood, respected and motivated to make better choices online and in real life through her warm, humorous and engaging manner. We very much value Michelle and her ability to communicate about such a sensitive subject in a way that hits the mark for even our most difficult of listeners.”

Dale Dearman
Student Services, Grace Lutheran College

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For the last 15 years, Youth Excel have delivered presentations addressing the toughest issues confronting today’s young people. Their content has been trusted to provide grass roots, value based information in strategic areas of the curriculum.

We love making a difference. Last year Youth Excel presented content to over 30,000 primary students, high school students and professionals throughout Australia.

Upper Primary Presentations

  • I Dream of a Best Friend Forever
  • Beating Stress and Anxiety for Kids

Primary Sexual Health and Cyber Safety Curriculum

  • Year 5
    Preparing for Puberty - Part 1
    Where Babies Come From? - Part 1
    Staying Safe Online - Part 1
  • Year 6
    Preparing for Puberty - Part 2
    Where Babies Come From? - Part 2
    Staying Safe Online - Part 2

High School Sexual Health and Cyber Safety Curriculum

  • Year 7
    The Teenage Brain
    Sexual Health Overview
    Cyber Safety and Preparing for High School
  • Year 8
    Handling Friendship Dramas
    Understanding the Opposite Sex
    Tips for Relating to Parents and Authority
  • Year 9
    Social Media and Sexuality
    Understanding the Impact of Pornography
    Mental Strength and Self-Care
  • Year 10
    Strengthening Body Image
    Beating Stress and Anxiety
  • Year 11
    Developing Your Own Moral Compass
  • Year 12
    Consent and Partying Responsibly

Parents Nights

  • Conquering Social Media
  • Managing Disrespect in the Home
  • How to Talk to Your Child About Sex
  • Understanding and Responding to Self-harm
  • I Dream of Best Friend Forever – Equipping Kids to Handle Playground
  • Friendships

Professional Development and Conference Topics:

  • Understanding and Responding to Self-harm – Michelle Mitchell
  • Fostering a Moral Compass in Young People – Michelle Mitchell
  • How to Establish an Effective Sexual Health Curriculum in a Christian or Catholic Education Setting – Michelle Mitchell
  • Teaching Young People who have Experienced Trauma – Gail Phelps


"Youth Excel delivered the best sexual health lessons I have seen in my 20 years of teaching. They took the fear out of the subject matter and made it fun. I without hesitation recommend their program."

Rick Herd
Year 7 Teacher Patricks Road

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Youth Excel
Reference List

Please see below for a handful of state, high and alternative learning centres Youth Excel have delivered life skills programs in. Please feel free to contact any of them directly for an “unprompted” reference of our work.

Guildford Grammar – Richie Longeran (Director of Public Relations)
Toowoomba Christian College - Mrs Ruth Gaulke (Student Counsellor)
Redcliffe Special School – Sheldon Hooper (Principal)
Clontarf Beach State School – Jennifer Motiff (Deputy Prinicpal)
Woodford State School – Sharon Oakes (HOSES)
Trinity College – Trish Hodgson (Principal)
St Ritas College – Dale Morrow (Principal)
Generation Next – Ramesh Manocha (Director)
Parent and Friends Association - Carmel Nash (Director Qld Catholic Education)
Grace Lutheran College Rothwell - Mr Dale Dearman (Head of Student Services)
Ferny Grove State High School - Haley Williamson (Middle School Coordinator)
Ferny Grove State School - Katie Stubbings (Deputy Principal)
Patricks Rd State School – Maureen Baily (Deputy Principal)
Genesis Christian College - Louise Klar (Head of Student Welfare)
Mueller College - Mr Paul Valese (Prinicpal)
Tullawong State School – Therese Daamen (HOSES)
Deception Bay Flexi Learning Centre – Michelle Kinnane (Head of Campus)
Parklands Christian College – Bernii Elvery (Social Worker and RTP Coordinator)
Clontarf Beach State School – Jenny Motiff (Deputy Principal)
Our Lady of the Way – Shelley Bester (Deputy Principal)
Redlands College – Rachael Rubio (Student Counsellor)