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Psychology and Counselling

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Our goal is to offer practical, evidence-based solutions which can assist young people (5-24 years old) overcome a wide range of difficulties. We place a high priority on working collaboratively with parents, guardians and medical professionals to ensure the best outcomes possible.

We can also help parents:

  • Reduce family conflict
  • Learn evidence based strategies and tools
  • Find tools to support a child who has learning needs
  • Understand youth culture, social media, gaming addictions or self-harm
  • Blend and re-unite families
  • Regain confidence when making parenting decisions

Psychologist Fees

$144.80 for a 50 minute session, payable at the time of the appointment
Mental Health Care Plan necessary to claim a rebate through Medicare
$84.80 Medicare Rebate
$60.00 out of pocket expense

Counselling Fees

$85.00 for a 50 minute session, payable at the time of the appointment
No Medicare Rebate available

      We can help young people:

      • Make positive life choices
      • Communicate better with parents
      • Regulate emotions
      • Broaden social skills
      • Resolve conflict at school and home
      • Improve self-esteem and confidence
      • Be more responsible online
      • Deal with consequences associated with sexting
      • Combat bullying
      • Strengthen body concept and image
      • Develop organisational skills
      • Set goals and manage performance
      • Overcome self-harm or suicidal thoughts
      • Process grief and loss including to death, divorce and seperation
      • Address anxiety, depression or mood disorders
      • Regulate sleep and diet
      • Manage attention deficit and hyperactivity
      • Cope with pain and chronic illness
      • and much more



        We really do believe that the RIGHT PROFESSIONAL, at the RIGHT TIME, can make a marked difference in a young life.

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