Dylan Jackson

Registered Psychologist
BSocSc (Psych), BSc Hon ((Psych)

Dylan has over 20 years’ experience within family, educational and employment settings giving him a wide and varied understanding of child and youth needs. He adopts a collaborative, strengths-based and holistic approach and creates individualized management strategies to support each young person to achieve their goals. Dylan’s thorough understanding of child, youth and adult relationships as well as parenting and family issues, makes him a dependable and trustworthy practitioner. Dylan has a special interest in issues common to young men including anxiety, depression, bullying, behavioural difficulties, ASD, learning difficulties, internet addictions (including pornography and gaming) and family conflict. Dylan has two teenage boys himself.


What are 3 words that best describe me?
Genuine, Compassionate, Flexible

What would be your dream holiday?
I would like to go on a Surfing Safari holiday to Pacific Island countries like Fiji. I would like to go out to a reef by boat and surf all day then stay in really nice simple beach side accommodation where I could hang out with local people and learn a little bit about their way of life.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at work?
Surfing, Gym, Martial Arts, Having no plans

If you weren’t working with young people what would you do?
I would probably leave the human services field all together and move into hospitality. I would start up my own mobile food truck because I like cooking and creating good food.

What would be impossible for you to give up?
I would find life very difficult if I could no longer speak or I had restrictions on my mobility. I love to have to conversation with others and I like to keep physically active. Obviously as we age we slowly give these things up but right now I really value these two abilities.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Live each day by being present in each moment. I think it’s important to limit dwelling on the past and trying to predict our future. In the past I have lost a lot of time doing both of these things so now I focus more on living each day.

Who has had the biggest impact on your life to date?
My two children.

What motivates you to work with young people? 
I like working with young people because it becomes a “two way” process. This is because young people have endless energy and vitality that circulates around them which in turn keeps me going while we work together to achieve their goals.