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Youth Excel’s psychologists can provide a range of assessments to help determine learning difficulties, behaviour challenges, social development or giftedness.


We regularly use the WISC 5, WIAT II, Conners 3 and the Child Behaviour Checklist. Other assessments are available as needed.

The results from these assessments will allow practitioners to make very specific recommendations to parents and schools in order to improve learning and behaviour.

These assessments are ideal for young people who would benefit from determining specific areas of strengths and limitations that influence academic, social and behavioural development.

We will always strive to:

  • Provide assessments that are comprehensive and accurate
  • Ensure the experience is fun and stress free for young people
  • Highlight BOTH a child's strengths and weaknesses
  • Avoid labelling a child
  • Provide practical feedback and strategies for both schools and families

Seeing real and lasting change makes our work rewarding. There is nothing better than receiving a thank you letter from a parent or young person. 

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